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What to expect from your PhD
studentship interview (Rosie Seaman)

Rosie Seaman - joined the unit in 2012, for a 1+3 studentship, is currently studying for a MPH Glasgow, and planning a PhD on policy impacts on mortality inequalities between countries.

  • You may be asked in advance to engage with some particular reading or prepare a piece of writing
  • Be able to demonstrate your personal attributes and skills that make you a good candidate for a studentship – if possible use a range of examples (not just academic)
  • Be able to communicate your previous academic interests and achievements and explain why these are relevant to the advertised PhD
  • Use any opportunity to show your strengths but also be able to show how you are able to overcome any weaknesses
  • Expect to say "I don’t know" - but don’t worry
  • Ask your own questions

My personal interview experience was strangely enjoyable. Although I felt nervous I also felt prepared, and as soon as I entered the building I was met by friendly staff members and got an immediate impression of the supportive community. The interview was formal and some questions were unexpected but the panel were encouraging in their responses which helped me to maintain my composure throughout. After the formal interview I was shown around the department by a current PhD student. This was a great opportunity to ask more informal questions about the student experience. It gave me a sense of the people who work in the department and the general ethos, and I left knowing that I wanted the studentship even more than before.