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Glasgow Centre for Population Health

Facilitators and Barriers to the Use of Urban Greenspace

We undertook a collaborative project, with partners at GCPH and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which involved in-depth interviews with a sample of residents in two socially contrasting localities in Glasgow about their perceptions and use of physical activity opportunities including the surrounding general environment, green space and facilities such as swimming pools and sports centres. The study utilised a variety of methods including GIS mapping, an audit of the facilities (including photos taken by residents), the development and testing of a tool to assess the quality of amenities, and discussion groups using participatory appraisal techniques in addition to the in-depth individual interviews.

The full report 'It's more than just the park' is available for download.



Seaman P, Jones R, Ellaway A. It's not just about the park, it's about integration too: why people choose to use or not use urban greenspaces. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2010;7:78

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Croucher K, Myers L, Jones R, Ellaway A. Health and the physical characteristics of neighbourhoods: a critical literature review. Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Glasgow, 2007

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