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6SQuID: Six step guide for developing interventions published

6SQuID: Six Steps for Quality Intervention Development

posted on: Nov 17, 2015

Much effort and money is wasted in carefully evaluating interventions that have been poorly designed. While there are numerous articles and books on evaluating interventions, there is little practical guidance for researchers or practitioners on how best to develop them. In this paper, just published, Daniel Wight of the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Science Unit, Erica Wimbush, ex NHS Health Scotland, and Ruth Jepson and Laurence Doi of the MRC/CSO Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy, draw on their experience to provide a pragmatic six step guide to develop interventions in a logical, evidence based way to maximise their effectiveness.  If each step is carefully addressed, better use will be made of scarce public resources by avoiding the costly evaluation, or implementation, of unpromising interventions.

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