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SPHSU researchers took to the dance floor to talk about recent work with people from across Glasgow.

A 'reely' good night for research

posted on: Sep 28, 2015

On the evening of 25 September IHW researchers Dr. Gillian Fergie, Dr. Paul McCrorie, Rosie Seaman and Megan Yates from the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit took part in the SciArt Ceilidh, at Saint Luke’s in Calton, one of many Explorathon 2015 events in Glasgow. 

Armed with two exciting and interactive activities, the Mountain Plot Jigsaw and Keeping Track of your Physical Activity, they spoke with people from across Glasgow amid Strip the Willows and Eightsome Reels.  People volunteered to wear physical activity measurement devices during the ceilidh and were surprised and delighted to discover that dancing is a great way to combine being physically active, being social, and having fun.  They also took some much needed time out from the dance floor to complete the jigsaw and discuss health inequalities.