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Further recognition for mens' obesity programme: now nominated for Health Provider of the Year Award, 2011, by The Herald Society

FFIT nominated for another award

posted on: Oct 17, 2011

Overweight and obesity are becoming increasing common and raise the risk of ill-health and premature mortality.  Around three quarters of  men in Scotland are classed as overweight or obese. Research has shown that many of the existing commercial and NHS healthy living and weight management programmes do not appeal to men, and few men choose to attend these. 

In collaboration with Professor Sally Wyke and Dr Cindy Gray at the Institute of Health and Well-being at Glasgow University, colleagues at Dundee, Strathclyde and Leeds Metropolitan Universities, and colleagues at NHS Forth Valley and Scottish Premier League (SPL) Trust, Professor Kate Hunt has helped to develop an 12 week programme (Football Fans in Training, FFIT) which is being delivered to men by community coaches in SPL football clubs around Scotland.  The delivery of the FFIT programme has gained the SPL Trust a nomination for the award of Health provider of the Year 2011 by the Herald Society.  The winner will be announced in mid-November

In 2010 FFIT won the European Professional Football League (EPFL) Best Practice Award in the Social Responsibility category