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Over the last few weeks the unit has celebrated the award of 5 PhD passes to students and staff.

Flurry of PhDs in the unit

posted on: Dec 11, 2007


Over the last few weeks, the unit has had cause to celebrate the award of 5 PhD passes to students and staff. The research underpinning these awards were all praised by examiners for their high quality.


Most recently David Ogilvie, now at the University of Cambridge, returned to Glasgow for his viva following the submission of his thesis 'Shifting towards healthier transport? From systematic review to primary research'.


Prior to this, Kate Hunt received a PhD for publications on gender and health and related topics.


Lisa Williamson was awarded her doctorate for a thesis on ‘Contraceptive careers: young women's choices, influences and risks.'


Mairi Langan received a PhD for 'A contemporary history of the origins and development of UK Biobank, 1998-2005' - a thesis supervised jointly from the Social and Public Health Sciences Unit and the Centre for Medical History, University of Glasgow.


Elizabeth Aston also successfully sat her viva for a thesis completed at the University of Edinburgh - 'Drug use and offending: the relationship over the teenage years.'


The standard of work has been extremely high and all the theses passed with either no corrections or only minor corrections. The current rate of a PhD a week may be difficult to sustain, but the awards reflect the unit's continuing commitment to developing expertise across a diverse range of subject areas within the social and public health sciences.