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A new report from the GoWell study compares the experiences of residents who move out of neighbourhoods undergoing regeneration and demolition, to those who remain in the neighbourhoods.

Moving Out, Moving On?

posted on: May 31, 2011

A new report from the GoWell study explores short to medium term outcomes for people who move away from, and people who remain in, neighbourhoods experiencing major regeneration and demolition.

Launched at the 5th annual GoWell event earlier this month, Moving Out, Moving On? is now available to view or download online.
This new report compares cross-sectional samples of residents living in six Glasgow neighbourhoods undergoing major regeneration and (in most cases) large scale demolition. The findings are part of the GoWell Community Health and Wellbeing survey.
It presents a number of important findings for future policy, practice and research and sheds new light on outcomes for those relocated by regeneration.
Residential outcomes for people who have moved out of the regeneration areas (Outmovers) compare favourably with those who remained in the areas (Remainers). Most Outmovers seem to have settled well into their new neighbourhood within a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, many aspects of social connections and feeling part of the community appear more positive among Outmovers than Remainers. In contrast, Outmovers appear to have worse health and health behaviours. They also report more difficulty meeting costs and paying bills.
GoWell will continue to study the impacts and effects of regeneration upon residents and communities and those who are relocated by this process. A number of questions raised by these findings can only be addressed once the study has a larger, longitudinal cohort of Outmovers to examine. There is also the possibility that the balance of outcomes between the Remainer and Outmover groups may change over time. Regeneration programmes should continue to have more impact upon original locations over time, with the potential to improve future outcomes for the Remainers group.
To view the GoWell website and download the report, click here.