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Unit members are collaborating with the University of Glasgow to develop a core course for a proposed Masters programme. This core course is to be called 'Health in its Social Context.

SPHSU to contribute to a new MSc in Global Health

posted on: May 11, 2011

Unit to contribute to a new MSc in Global Health.
Unit members are collaborating with the University of Glasgow to develop a core course for a proposed Masters programme. The core course is to be called Health in its Social Context.
The MSc in Global Health will aim to develop critical analysis of key issues within health and medicine, health policy and health planning from a social science perspective. This challenging and innovative programme will enable students to:
  • locate health and its determinants and discuss the role of equality and inequality, category and location and their influence on health
  • examine health issues that arise for particular groups and across national boundaries as well as specific sectors and organisations such as health and social care, education, local government and employment
  • make a critical analysis of health policy and its implications
  • use quantitative and qualitative social science research methods, and use at least one of these in the completion of an original piece of social research.
As part of this MSC, the core course entitled Health in its Social Context will enable students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds to develop a critical understanding of key issues associated with health and health inequalities within their social and cultural contexts. Several Unit members are contributing to this core course, which is intended to cover the following topics.
  • Health and the life course.
  • Social inequalities and health 
  • Gender and health inequalities 
  • Risk, ‘choice’ and health-related behaviours
  • Media influence on health
  • Sexual health
  • Health behaviours among young people in developing countries
  • Health and home / neighbourhood environments
  • Social and community influences on health
  • Evaluating health impacts of interventions affecting homes and neighbourhoods
The course is currently in its planning stages (so details presented above may be subject to change) and is due to commence in September 2011.
The Global Health MSc will be situated within the University of Glasgow's School of Social and Political Sciences and led by Prefessor Nick Watson. For further information and contact details, click here.