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A Unit related article on the SHARE trial that appeared in The Herald, Feb 8th 2008 edition.

Teenage sex lives affected by social factors more than school

posted on: Feb 8, 2008


Schools have less influence than socio-economic factors such as deprived neighbourhoods and peers in influencing the sexual behaviour of teenagers, a study has found.

The study of almost 5000 pupils from 24 schools across Scotland, whose average age is 16, found that both individual and community-wide socioeconomic and cultural factors are more influential in teenagers' decisions to engage in sexual activity than teacher-pupil relationships or classroom organisation.

The study, led by Dr Marion Henderson of the Medical Research Council Scotland and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow, is the first attempt to assess whether the way schools are run, in terms of organisation and social relationships, can affect levels of sexual activity among pupils.

The results are published today in the online journal BMC Public Health.


The above was published in The Herald, Feburary 8th 2008, printer friendly pdf.


Further information can be found on the SHARE School Sex Education Trial page and the SHARE website.