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Robert Young has been asked to give two podcast interviews about his research on young people who self-harm.

The Unit's first podcasts in production

posted on: Jul 24, 2007


Robert Young has been asked to take give two podcast interviews with Raj Pesrsaud for the Royal college of psychiatry. The first on his recent Young people who self-harm paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry and the second a more general interview about self-harm and suicide for the continuing professional development section.


The date for when the podcasts will become publicly available has yet to be set.


For more information on this research see previous news item: Unemployed young people are more likely to self-harm (posted 4th of July 2007).


Or read:


Young R, Van Beinum M, Sweeting H and West P (2007). Young people who self-harm. British Journal of Psychiatry 191, 44-49.