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Workshop on Attrition in Cohort Studies

Report of a workshop held on Monday 12 October 2009 at

The Royal Statistical Society, 12 Errol Street, London EC1Y 8LX

funded by

MRC Population Health Sciences Research Network

Alastair H Leyland

(MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit)

Preventing attrition

Cara Booker

(MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit)

“Maximising return from cohorts” project: prevention of attrition findings

Ian Plewis

(Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research, University of Manchester)

Results from an experiment to prevent refusals in a continuing longitudinal study
Efficient analysis

Rumana Omar

(Department of Statistical Science, University College London)

The impact of attrition on the analysis of longitudinal studies

Shaun Seaman

(MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge)

Some experiences of working with missing data


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