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THRIVE Fatherhood Study – "Fatherhood in the 21st Century"

Currently, very little is known about how socially disadvantaged men in Scotland view their fathering roles within their families and how they construct their paternal identities. This study aims to address this gap, and explore in particular: what does ‘good’ fatherhood mean to these men? What shapes their perceptions of their fathering roles? And how do their circumstances affect their fathering experiences and identities? The secondary aim of the study relates to the THRIVE trial, currently being conducted at the MRC SPHSU in Glasgow (see below). The THRIVE Fatherhood Study is exploring the fathering attitudes and experiences of a sub-sample of the partners of the women taking part in the THRIVE trial, to understand how the fathers’/partners’ attitudes towards parenting and fathering a child affect their own and the mother’s engagement with the THRIVE trial.

Thirty-six in-depth interviews have been conducted with fathers. Roughly half of the men come from the THRIVE study and the other half have been recruited through community organisations working with socially and economically disadvantaged men. Framework analysis is currently being undertaken with this data.

This study is being carried out by Karen Maxwell as part of her doctoral research under the supervision of Dr Katie Buston and Prof. Daniel Wight.

The THRIVE Trial
THRIVE stands for Trial of Healthy Relationship Initiatives for the Very Early-years. The THRIVE trial is a three-arm, randomised controlled trial which compares the effectiveness of two early-years interventions for vulnerable mothers aimed at increasing mother-child bonding and maternal mental health. The THRIVE trial is funded by NIHR. It is being conducted by the MRC SPHSU in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

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