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Repeatability of Diet Measured at the Family Level

Dietary measures in the Boyd Orr cohort are at the family level and this work, funded by the World Cancer Research Fund, explored the reproducibility of these measures and their effect on diet-cancer associations.



Frobisher C, Tilling K, Emmett PM, Maynard M, Ness AR, Smith DG, Frankel SJ, Gunnell DJ. Reproducibility measures and their effect on diet–cancer associations in the Boyd Orr cohort. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 2007;61:434-440

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  • Boyd Orr cohort This is an historical cohort based on 1352 mainly working class families living in 16 rural and urban areas of England and Scotland. The families took part in a survey of diet and health in pre-war Britain. The children of the families were traced through the National Health Service. Information from death and cancer registrations were linked to the records of respondents.
  • Reproducibility This refers to the process of assessing if a research tool such as a questionnaire obtains consistent responses when used on several occasions over a period of time
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