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Are trends in income inequalities associated with trends in health inequalities in high income countries?

Ongoing       Start date January 2008       End date Open

Inequalities in health exist in every society, with people on lower incomes suffering worse health than their wealthier counterparts. Some evidence suggests that the amount of health inequality in a society is linked to the amount of income inequality, but it has not been possible to establish definitively that this is the case. This study aims to investigate links between income inequality and health inequality, and to answer the question of whether distributing income differently in a society would help to decrease health inequality. One way to investigate these questions is by comparing health outcomes in countries with different levels of income inequality, but this has been difficult to do because the data required are difficult to obtain. This research looked for appropriate data on health inequalities from different countries and used these to explore how income and health inequalities are linked.

This work is now led by Health Scotland