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The Health Impacts of New Road Building

Completed      Start date 2001         End date 2003


The building of new roads is a public health issue but the evidence base upon which the health impacts of new roads can be assessed is disparate and incomplete.


In order to better understand the positive and negative impacts that new roads exert on human health and well being, we conducted a systematic review of the relevant literature pertaining to developed countries. The purpose of the review was to identify, assess and synthesise primary studies in any language that included both a new road and some measurement of impacts on human health and well-being.


The review was published in 2003 (see details below). More information about the review can be found here.


More information about our programme of systematic reviews can be found here.



Egan M, Petticrew M, Ogilvie D, Hamilton V. New roads and human health: a systematic review. American Journal of Public Health 2003;93:1463-1471



  • Systematic review A type of literature review which uses a particular approach involving (among other things) a comprehensive search for literature, and a formal assessment of the quality of each study
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