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Evaluating the Health Effects of a Major Food Superstore

Completed Start date January 2002 End date Decemeber 2003


This two-year pilot project was funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme. The main aim of this study was to investigate the health impacts of a major food superstore (the Tesco St Rollox (Springburn) development) in a deprived urban neighbourhood.


We used a two-wave, 'before and after' cohort study design using a postal questionnaire survey of a random sample of adults from the postcode address file in Springburn (St Rollox) (the intervention neighbourhood), and a similar control neighbourhood (Shettleston). We also carried out focus-group interviews with a sub-sample of respondents from the questionnaire survey. The questionnaire survey collected a range of demographic and other data, and includes questions relating to self-reported health, psychological well-being, and food purchase and consumption patterns. A retail base survey was undertaken before and after the store opened.


This study aimed to assess the effect on fruit and vegetable consumption of the introduction of large scale food retailing in a deprived Scottish community. The main finding was that there was no effect on self-reported fruit and vegetable consumption.




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