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Transport & Health Impact Assessment

Completed       Start date May 2005    End date May 2007


The MRC SPHSU together with the Scottish Health Impact Assessment Network has produced a synthesis of research evidence on the health impact of transport interventions. This report brings together evidence from systematic reviews, expert reviews on air quality and climate change as well as summarising evidence on the main ways transport is often linked to health. While the report aimed to cover all transport modes, research in this field is dominated by road transport and also by studies investigating the causes of road injury and effective ways to reduce this. Research on other transport related impacts is difficult to locate but has been reviewed where available.

In addition to reviewing empirical evidence, the report includes an overview of the context for transport policy, and a section to help potential evidence-users to apply this research synthesis to their own work, with particular reference to Health Impact Assessment activities.


A pdf of the full report is available below. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the report (free) please e-mail Hilary Thomson (



Thomson H, Jepson R, Hurley F, Douglas M. Assessing the unintended health impacts of road transport policies and interventions: translating research evidence for use in policy and practice. BMC Public Health 2008;8:339

pubmed  open access  


Douglas M, Thomson H, (eds.). Health Impact Assessment of transport initiatives: a guide. NHS Health Scotland, MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit, Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh, 2007

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