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The BHETSE Study

Completed       Start date July 2005       End date December 2007


We collaborated with colleagues in Aberdeen and Edinburgh in the BHETSE ("Bar workers' Health and Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure") study. This project, funded by NHS Health Scotland, examined the health of bar workers before and after the implementation of the Scottish smoking ban.


We found that bar workers’ attitudes to the smoke-free legislation in Scotland were generally positive before its introduction, and further strengthened after its implementation. The high level of support for the legislation is evidence of increasing acceptance that smoke-free environments are a welcome public health measure. Importantly, most bar workers experienced very large reductions in workplace exposure to SHS as a result of this new legislation. However, they expressed concerns that older men seemed to have had most difficulty adjusting to the legislation and lack of knowledge about the best practices they should adopt in order to reduce the risks of unattended drinks being spiked and of anti-social behaviour associated with patrons moving outside to smoke.


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