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Mental Health Improvement: an Appraisal of Scottish Policy

Completed         Start date April 2004      End date  January 2005


We have collaborated with colleagues at RUHBC in the University of Edinburgh (Steve Platt, Sarah Wilson) and the Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health (Allyson McCollam) in a project to appraise the potential impacts of Scottish policy with respect to mental health improvement.


This project involved mapping out the key policy areas in Scotland, gathering key policy documents from these areas to identify references to mental health improvement, and assessing the degree to which current policy and the research evidence are aligned. Interviews were also conducted with key policy makers from six Scottish Executive Departments to explore the impact of the National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Well-Being, and the importance of mental health and wellbeing in different policy areas.



Petticrew M, Platt S, McCollam A, Wilson P, Thomas S. 'We're not short of people telling us what the problems are. We're short of people telling us what to do' theory, methods and findings of a mental health impact assessment. BMC Public Health 2008;8:314

pubmed  open access  


Platt S, Petticrew M, MacCollam A, Wilson S, Thomas S. Mental health improvement: an appraisal of Scottish Policy. Edinburgh, 2005

open access