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Developing Guidance on the Conduct of Narrative Synthesis in Systematic Reviews

Completed         Start date May 2003      End date May 2005


We collaborated with colleagues in this ESRC-funded methodological project led by Professor Jennie Popay (University of Lancaster).


The study objectives were:

  • To review the methodological literature on narrative approaches to evidence synthesis;
  • To assess existing approaches to narrative synthesis in systematic reviews;
  • To produce draft guidance on best practice for the narrative synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data;
  • To test the use of this guidance, and
  • To disseminate validated good practice guidance on the conduct of narrative synthesis.

The guidance developed as part of this project provides practical examples of the application of the guidance in two 'demonstration narrative syntheses'. These have produced important insights into the potential benefits of narrative approaches to the synthesis of findings from multiple studies. Both highlighted the important contribution that the guidance makes to increasing the transparency of narrative synthesis – an approach widely used but currently lacking in transparency.

Full details of the project and a copy of the guidance can be found here.



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