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A document analysis of evidence submissions to the Scottish Parliament on minimum unit pricing

This work was part of Vittal Katikireddi's PhD. Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol is currently under consideration in both the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments as a measure to address the high burden of alcohol-related harms within the UK. This project aims to investigate how different policy stakeholders frame arguments for and against minimum unit pricing by systematically analysing evidence submissions to the Scottish Parliament. It will therefore provide a valuable description of some of the key considerations in the policy debate as well as investigating how they are portrayed. The findings will help the public health community to learn how competing interpretations of a public health problem result in different solutions being privileged and help inform future public health advocacy efforts.



Katikireddi SV, Hilton S, Bonell C, Bond L. Understanding the development of Minimum Unit Pricing of alcohol in Scotland: a qualitative study of the policy process. PLoS One 2014;9:e91185

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