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MMR evidence dissemination in professional publications

This study was part of a larger project on ‘Communicating Health Information and Research into Practice and Policy’ (CHIRPP) funded by the MRC's Population Health Sciences Research Network.

Professional journals play an important role in disseminating accurate, unbiased research evidence on best practice to health professionals especially when there is controversy surrounding current practice. This retrospective project examined the content and role of key professional journals and magazines in translating MMR evidence to health professionals during the MMR vaccine controversy. We found that despite public concerns and widespread media coverage on MMR safety there were little in the way of reassurances or recommendations for health professionals in key publications and question whether holding back until scientific consensus emerged may have represented a missed opportunity to promote evidence-based practice.



Hilton S, Hunt K, Langan M, Hamilton V, Petticrew M. Reporting of MMR evidence in professional publications:1988-2007. Archives of Disease in Childhood 2009;94:831-3

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