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Knowledgeable experts: views on evidence for minimum unit pricing for alcohol

This work was part of Vittal Katikireddi's PhD. A complex relationship exists between research evidence and public health policymaking. Minimum unit pricing for alcohol provides an instructive case study for investigating this relationship given the relative novelty of the intervention and the active interaction between researchers and policymakers that has occurred. This study investigates how evidence on minimum unit pricing has been interpreted by policymakers, its integration with other sources of knowledge and the key factors that have allowed evidence to inform policy in this area. In order to achieve this aim, detailed confidential qualitative one-to-one interviews with researchers, policymakers and representatives in the alcohol industry are being conducted. It is intended that existing theories around knowledge exchange and the relationship between evidence and policy will be refined through this research. Ultimately, it is hoped that the results will help inform the future engagement of public health researchers with policymakers.



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