From February 2017, information about the work of the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow is available and updated on the University of Glasgow website.

Traffic and Health in Glasgow: Qualitative Sub-study

This qualitative study is part of the larger Traffic and Health in Glasgow study.  The qualitative component aims to explore how structural and environmental changes to neighbourhoods influence how people feel about, experience and use their local area. This research involves residents from two Glasgow neighbourhoods and features a combination of semi-structured interviews and photovoice interviews.  Photovoice is a research method that involves participants in taking photographs of their neighbourhood that then form the basis of a one-to-one interview. Photovoice can be a particularly useful tool in identifying physical neighbourhood features that impact on peoples’ everyday lives.  Data from this qualitative study will be fed into the larger survey project.  

This is a cross colloboration with the Evaluation team.  The Traffic and Health in Glasgow study is funded by the National Institute for Health Research Public Health Research programme. It is led by the MRC Epidemiology Unit in Cambridge under the auspices of the UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR).