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Representations of abortion, sexual health and blood borne viruses

The Scottish Government’s Sexual Health & Blood Borne Virus (BBV) Framework 2011-15 was published in August 2011 and aims to reduce new STIs, BBVs and unintended pregnancies, improve the lives of those living with BBVs, reduce sexual health inequalities, and promote a positive, non-stigmatising and supportive attitude to sexual health in our society. A key element of the latter is to encourage a ‘positive portrayal of sexual health and BBV issues in the media’. This research project has been developed in conjunction with Dr Lisa McDaid (Unit’s Sexual Health Programme) and the Scottish Government’s Sexual Health and BBV Framework to provide baseline data to measure the UK and Scottish newsprint media’s portrayal of how sexual health and BBV issues are presented in the media to identify potential avenues for future HIV prevention.



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