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Knowledge exchange workshop

Workshop: Maximising feedback to policy-makers and practitioners about parental concerns about vaccination.

In Autumn 2006 funding was obtained from the MRC's Public Health Sciences Research Network to organise a workshop on ‘New research on parental perceptions of MMR vaccination: implications for policy and practice and for the implementation of research’. The aims were to consider how research evidence on immunisation could be more effectively disseminated to the public, and how the credibility and effectiveness of future immunisation campaigns might be enhanced. Several senior editors of major medical journals and other science communicators along with many of the UK’s key players in immunisation policy, in epidemiological and social research on immunisation took part. A key conclusion of the workshop was that there needed to be much more emphasis on the translation and communication of existing research. The recommendations from this workshop are included in a report (Parents' perceptions of childhood immunisation and the MMR controversy).

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