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Young People's Sexual Relationships

The SHARE trial in eastern Scotland provided the first detailed sexual behaviour histories from a large sample of young teenagers in Britain. Two cohorts of young people (N = 7,616) were followed through self-complete questionnaires from the age of 13/14 to the age of 19/20, although there was very high attrition from the study after the second follow-up at age 15/16. This has provided longitudinal data on the social factors shaping early sexual relationships and sexual health behaviours.


Analyses have focussed on:

  • predictors of early sexual activity and contraceptive or condom use
  • level of regret of early sexual relationships
  • the diversity of young people's sexual experiences
  • why some sexually active young teenagers become pregnant and not others
  • parental influences on sexual behaviour
  • the influence of schools on sexual behaviour and smoking beyond the formal curriculum School research in Youth Programme.
  • young people's use of sexual health services
  • understanding the links between teenage substance use and risky sexual behaviour
  • investigating whether experience of sex or drugs between 14 and 16 is associated with changed expectations for careers and relationships
  • exploring how demographic factors, aspirations, past behaviour and self esteem affect young people's attitudes towards condoms and condom use.


The RIPPLE trial of a peer sex education programme in central and southern England collected similar data to SHARE from 8,766 young people, with many questionnaire measures standardised. In collaboration with Judith Stephenson (University College London), Vicki Strange (Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education), Chris Bonnell (University of Oxford) et al., the SHARE and RIPPLE data sets have been merged. This has provided greater statistical power to explore predictors of under 16 pregnancy for both females and males, and to analyse young people's subjective experience of their sexual relationships.



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