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Parenting Programmes: A Review

We are conducting a systematic review of studies which focus on parenting interventions that seek to encourage parents to reflect on their own upbringing as a way of changing their own parenting behaviour, and which discuss the effectiveness of this component of the programme. A realist narrative synthesis approach is being taken. The information scientist (CF) identified 2,695 papers, abstracts were scanned by KB and 216 full references sought. These are being read in full by KB and checked by RO to see if the inclusion criteria are met.

Papers were included which: (i) focused on interventions which included the component of interest and which aimed to change some aspect of the way a mother (or father) parents (ii) outlined, explicitly or implicitly, the theory of change behind the component of interest and (iii) presented data and/or discussed empirical change (or lack of it) relating to the component of interest.

The review is in progress. The review aims to elucidate issues around mechanisms, context, and outcomes and how these three factors are related in understanding the effectiveness (or not) and for whom, of interventions which focus on encouraging parents to reflect on their own upbringing as a way of bringing about behaviour change in their own parenting behaviour.

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