From February 2017, information about the work of the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow is available and updated on the University of Glasgow website.

Media exposure and health-related outcomes

The Healthy Respect Evaluation provides cross-sectional data on parent-child relationships, media exposure (incorporating measures of exposure to health-related behaviours in films), parental mediation and sexual and other health outcomes. These data have been analysed to investigate relationships between film exposure and tobacco and alcohol use, and relationships between television and computer game exposure and sexual behaviour and psychological wellbeing.

The Millenium Cohort Study provides data from a large, representative, longitudinal sample on TV exposure and playing electronic games at age 5.   Alison Parkes has analysed how these experiences are related to subsequent psychosocial adjustment at age 7, and how they might differ in their effects. 

Finally, we have collaboratied with ScotCen to shape the questionnaire content of the Growing Up in Scotland survey in order to generate detailed longitudinal data on parent-child relationships and media exposure, parental mediation, materialism and various health-related outcomes.