From February 2017, information about the work of the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow is available and updated on the University of Glasgow website.

Evolving strategies of behavioural research

There is growing concern that bar-based surveys of gay men, such as The Gay Men's Sexual Health Survey, may not entirely reflect the diversity of the population as community norms and practices change. There is also concern about sensitivities in, and a lack of knowledge and experience around how to best conduct research on, sexual behaviour among African migrant communities living in Scotland.

Evaluation of interventions to improve sexual health requires use of valid data collection methods with different population groups and this research will assess the acceptability of different research methods. The overall aim is to assess the acceptability of different recruitment, sampling and data collection methods for gay and bisexual men and African migrant communities.

Current Research

The first phase of this research includes a scoping review on different sampling methods and approaches to collecting behavioural data. It is examining what methods of recruitment for studies of sexual behaviour have been employed with gay and bisexual men and African migrant communities in the UK and other key countries (Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand), what methods of sampling have been employed, what measures of sexual behaviour (behavioural and biological) have been used. This review will contribute to the development of a funding proposal and larger scale exploration of appropriate and effective research methods with these two population groups.


External Collaborators