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Centre for Research on Families and Relationships

A qualitative study exploring grandchild-grandparent relationships from teenagers' perspectives was conducted in collaboration with members of the inter-university CRFR

Findings supported previous research, for instance in relation to the importance of lineage, gender, contact and geographic proximity, and the nature and quality of relations. They also highlighted the significance of young people's capacity to have independent relations with their grandparents, the importance derived from perceived connectedness, the potential integration of family and peer relations, and the impact on individual grandparent-grandchild relations of the various transitions which families negotiate.




Sweeting H, Seaman P. Family within and beyond the household boundary: children's constructions of who they live with. In: McKie L, Cunningham-Burley S, editors Families in society: boundaries and relationships. Bristol: Policy Press, 2005:95-110.

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