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Twenty-07 Locality Study

The West of Scotland Twenty-07 Study, Health in the Community, described elsewhere on this website, has a locality component, which involved 1,500 residents at the start of the study in two socially contrasting areas in Glasgow City.  One, in the north west of the City, has better than average health and is relatively socially advantaged in terms of the built environment, local amenities and population characteristics; the other, in the south west of the City, has poorer than average health and is relatively socially disadvantaged.  For some of the issues we examined, each of these localities was further divided into two neighbourhoods to provide more finely detailed contexts.

We have used a number of approaches to study these localities:

  • face-to-face interviews (on three occasions to date: 1987, 1992 and 2001) and a postal questionnaire (in 1997)
  • direct observation by independent researchers
  • information obtained from local service providers and planners.

A wide range of data has been collected from respondents about their day to day lives, including a range of structured questions on how people perceive their housing and local environment, as well as an extensive suite of self reported and directly measured health and well being indicators.

Many photographs of features of respondents’ neighbourhoods were taken, such as local play areas in the North West and South West localities.


We have found differences in mental and physical health, and in a range of health related behaviours, between residents in these two localities even after taking into account personal and household characteristics such as age, gender, income and social class.  We have also found differences in access to resources such as public transport, facilities for sport and exercise, and health services.  Residents report differences in the quality of their local environment and levels of social capital and cohesion.



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