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Ingrid Young

position: Research Fellow

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phone: 0141 353 7533


MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit,
University of Glasgow,
Top floor,
200, Renfield Street
G2 3QB

Biography and Interests

Ingrid Young is a Research Fellow in the Social Relationships and Health Improvement Programme, in the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit. She currently holds a Scottish CSO Postdoctoral Fellowship (2014-2017), which funds 'Developing HIV Literacy.'  This project will work collaboratively with health and community practitioners and other stakeholders to develop an intervention to support HIV literacy in the context of biomedical HIV prevention technologies. This research builds on qualitative research undertaken as part of Ingrid's Career Development Fellowship in the (now former) Sexual Health Programme on the acceptability of biomedical interventions amongst gay and African communities in Scotland.  In 2014, Ingrid was a visiting researcher at the Wellcome Trust Africa Centre in Mtubatuba, South Africa, where she observed clinical trial research on Treatment as Prevention (TasP). This work was funded by the British Council Researcher Links Travel Programme.

Ingrid has presented her research at a number of local, national and international conferences, such as at the British HIV Association Annual Conference (Liverpool), HIV Prevention England Conference (London), British Sociological Association Annual Conference (Glasgow), Nordic Network for Gender, Body and Health Conferences (Iceland, Sweden, Denmark), BC Gay Men's Health Summit (Vancouver, Canada) and at the Association for Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV (France, South Africa).  She is currently a member of the British Sociological Association (BSA), the Scottish MedSoc association, and the Association for Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV (ASSHH). 

Before starting at the University of Glasgow, Ingrid graduated with a BA (Hons) from Trent University (Canada) and an MA from the University of Waterloo (Canada) in History. From 2004-2007, Ingrid worked at the Institute of Development Studies (Sussex) on improving the links between policy and health-related research in developing countries.  Ingrid completed her PhD in 2011 entitled ‘Reimagining Risk: Exploring Understandings of Risk in Sexual Health amongst Gay and Bisexual Men in the North East of England’. This ESRC Collaborative Studentship was based in Sociology at Newcastle University and was conducted in partnership with local NHS sexual health services and sexual health organisations.




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open access  

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